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"The Cowboys of Bali, Unsung Heroes of a Modern Age is something I was led to write to express a point of view that helps me deal with the..."
The Cowboys of Bali
""I have been collecting Sohana's jewelry now for several years. They are my favorite pieces in my collection, and I whenever I wear..."
Joan Heartfield
""I had the pleasure of experiencing the work of Joan and Tomas Heartfield at a workshop at Kripalu. Their profound and delightful..."
Christiane Northrup
"I simply adore Sohana’s designs! Her stone and colour combinations are beautiful and each piece has a certain individual vibration. All..."
Bhagawati Morris
"I love the tranquil, uplifting energy that radiates from this piece...and how beautiful it makes me feel whenever I wear it...Thank you, Sohana..."