Affirmation Jewelry

Make Your Dreams Come True And Ours Too!

Each of us has our dreams but, until recently, I didn't believe mine could ever come true. Then I watched "The Secret" and started to use the law of attraction in a positive way in my life.

Here I am in this photo with my wife and son. We are all wearing our affirmation pendants that I help to create. Each pendant is engraved on the back with a powerful affirmation. When you wear it, you continually attract that intention. Since I started wearing these pendants with their powerful intentions and applying "The Secret," amazing things have happened. I was living in a small room with my family and began to see the house I needed. As I learned in the film, I don't need to figure out how it will happen. My job is to see it and feel it as if it already has happened. I did this and very quickly I found the perfect house for an amazingly low cost and was given help to pay the year's rent. Such a small thing but for me it is a miracle! I am so grateful for everything I have and I know that because of this I am attracting more things to be grateful for into my life.
The Island of Bali is a unique place where spiritual values are put first. By loving, supporting and protecting its people, we are preserving our quality of life on this planet. Investing so little in your own well-being will make such a big difference in so many lives. One small step to help yourself creates a far-reaching ripple effect that goes around the world bringing consciousness to more and more people.

You can activate The Secret now with the power of these affirmation pendants using sacred geometry, real gemstones and positive intention. Each is hand-made using sterling silver and high quality gemstones and comes on an adjustable satin cord. Whatever you envision, you can create in your life. Love, happiness, health and wealth are waiting for you to ask. Be sure to watch the film, The Secret.