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"The Cowboys of Bali, Unsung Heroes of a Modern Age is something I was led to write to express a point of view that helps me deal with the traffic in Bali and, hopefully, will give my readers a new insight. Oh my god, did you see that guy on the motorcycle just miss a head on collision with that truck by one second? And, yet, he seems to be smiling and continuing down the road as if nothing happened. I have been reflecting on life in Bali and particularly traffic. For many ex-pats and tourists, motorcyclists are the bane of their existence. There are thousands of them, like ants, everywhere on the left, on the right, pulling out of a side street without looking, passing on curves, etc. Well, I was thinking that these motorcyclists are the cowboys of Bali who were on a bike before they could walk and driving very early on. It is second nature to the Balinese to drive a motorcycle. As I contemplate the increasing number of bikes on the road, I realize that people have to get to work and the majority cannot afford a car. Even if they could, it would create gridlock. So, their only choice is a motorcycle or a bicycle which is not practical when distance is involved. Rain or shine, these daredevil drivers are on the road from early morning to late at night. They take chances that seem insane, but somehow there is a flow to the traffic and it keeps moving. I watch women with babies and small children driving with a smile. My point is not to glorify crazy driving but to bring some compassion to the situation. As we sit in air-conditioned cars, they are on their bikes with the hot sun beating down on them. It never ceases to amaze me that even in this heat, they are dressed for Siberia. They take their lives in their hands as do those bulehs who also drive motorcycles. I am willing to bet that there is not one westerner who is living in Bali for a while who doesn’t have a Bali tattoo. No, not the kind an artist draws but the result of some accident or another, a scar from a mishap. I also drove bikes for years and figured at some point I was pressing my luck to continue and had better quit while ahead, i.e. while having no serious injuries. When people visit Bali for the first time, I never recommend they rent a bike but use a car and driver if possible. You may think you can handle the traffic okay, but there is always the x factor. My son was the best bike rider I knew and one morning I looked in on him to see blood and bandages and almost had a heart attack. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured but he kept saying to me, “Mom, there was nothing I could do, no way to avoid what happened.” Precisely as I’ve been telling you, even though you are an excellent driver, there is always the possibility of something unexpected and unavoidable. You must drive with prevention in mind. So, this brings me to a question. Does the bike driver missing the truck by a nano second realize that his life could have ended there? Do the cyclists realize they take their life in their hands every day? Or, are they protected by belief or trust? Maybe a little more driver education is needed so that people understand that if you are following behind another vehicle very closely, and that vehicle stops suddenly, there is no way you can stop in time to avoid an accident. And, if you have a child with no helmet and get hit by another vehicle that you will be powerless to protect that child who could be thrown on the pavement and die from a head injury?? Unfortunately, this does happen and then it is too late for anything but regret and sadness. On a brighter note, although I haven’t got statistics to prove it, I’m willing to bet that the accident rate here is less than in a so-called civilized city in the west because things do seem to flow in a certain rhythm. I hope we can all be more compassionate and aware to drive preventively. Keep your eyes open, your brain turned on and, above all, your sense of humor in tact. Okay, I’ve got to get to the store before peak traffic time so bye! "
The Cowboys of Bali
""I have been collecting Sohana's jewelry now for several years. They are my favorite pieces in my collection, and I whenever I wear them, I receive compliments. They are not only beautiful, they are powerful. Sohana uses stones thoughtfully, not only for their clarity and beauty, but for their energy. Sohana is not only a master jewelry maker, she is a Reiki master, and infuses all her pieces with love and protection. When I wear her necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, I feel more empowered and energized than when I wear jewelry that may be lovely, but does not have the consciousness and energy infused therein. In addition to the beautiful original pieces that Sohana makes (that I love), she also makes custom jewelry, so if you have an idea, she can implement it. She made our beautiful Divine Feminine necklaces, as well as Divine Feminine malas. Recently my husband asked her to render our Talking Hearts logo (a heart with an om sign in it) into a sterling silver necklace. It turned out beautifully. This is now my every day necklace. She also created heart earrings, and I wear these regularly too. Designing our own jewelry and wearing it has real meaning for me, and the fact that it also is infused with Sohana's loving energy is a real blessing!" Joan Heartfield, PhD, author of Romancing The Beloved"
Joan Heartfield
""I had the pleasure of experiencing the work of Joan and Tomas Heartfield at a workshop at Kripalu. Their profound and delightful teachings are, without a doubt, the next step for healing humanity on this planet." Christiane Northrup. M.D. author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom"
Christiane Northrup
"I simply adore Sohana’s designs! Her stone and colour combinations are beautiful and each piece has a certain individual vibration. All necklaces and earrings I have from her collection are cherished by me. Bhagawati Morris "
Bhagawati Morris
"I love the tranquil, uplifting energy that radiates from this piece...and how beautiful it makes me feel whenever I wear it...Thank you, Sohana, for your unique and inspiring jewelry!"